The photography projects scored a remarkable 70%, although was limited by 'division of labour'. That basicly means that the format for deriving marks has no clear methodolgy for marking group work. Ironicly most of my last two years have been tainted by the course's never ending desire to make us students work in groups, 'thats how it is in the industry' being the motivating buzz-word for disgruntled pests like me who hate working with mindless or just plainly different people. Yes im a snob but when the majority of your project time is spent trying to transmitt a single idea that escapes your fellow team members becuase they only read Heat and think fine art is painting, it becomes tiresome and deeply unrewarding. Leading to feelings of self distrust and undermining what little self confidence your allowed to have before you are officially 'arrogant'.

So working with Pete was a breath of fresh air, we disliked the same things and shared similar course ideologies. And if and when im in the industry i can know that this course tuaght me to bite my lip at most people i will work with and seek out those who further and chalenge you.

It might be worth noting im writing this after looking at a healthy dose of third year work and munching on codine phosphate. I regrettably managed to sound like a complete asshole when talking to a potential guiding tutor for my third year work. Suggesting i was not sure where i fitted in being not very narratively driven and living for production values and technical mastery. Whatever i said under the influnce of the free stolen wine bottle i had drunk, it made me transmit my worst qualitys.

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