Milo Action

If only my uni would give me access to the snazzy new student attracting tech. Obviously my use for the Milo motion control arm was so abstract as to fall on deaf ears. But had i gained that access i would have been producing something very similar to this from Carnegie Mellon. My version was to be geared towards the production of a super wide field of view image with infinite depth of field with the potential to be rendered into a 3d environment for inspection/interaction. I wouldn't normally mention such things but it irritates me as Im so close to something that is out of reach to all but a precious few. Outside of the common understanding of what these machines are designed for there are thousands of exciting possibilities, only limited by the red tape that surrounds such fun toys. Calling it a toy is enough to reject you from a legitimate conversation about how you might want to use it. At least we can live safe in the knowledge that innovative uses will win over the banal as soon as it is junked or stolen.

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troutmask said...

If you are not allowed to use the arm for your project what exactly is it for?
Just an expensive ego thing for the college to advertise to get students in rather than a tool for students to use `i suppose.
Whislt I have always been a great supporter of the independence of universities from the state I must admit my experiences at BIAD have forced me to question this. An institution that receives over 90% of its income from taxpayers needs to be accountable to them in some way. Presently it just apears to be a licence to pay ever increasing wages to greater numbers of administrators in exchange for very li