Problems. Part Two

This first image was to signal the beginning of my home run with the creation of the final project images. Instead all that appeared was an image saturated with infrared. Even with the infrared filter in place the bellows appeared to be leaking and reducing the image to a red, contrast-less mess. No matter what i placed over the bellows i could not shift the infrared. Too add to this the power supply in the car cut out even though it states its good for 600w. There was no way i was drawing that much current running a laptop and the scanning back. I went home. Trying to recreate the infrared in controlled conditions appeared to be impossible. Even with a few lights against the bellows and a flash. From this i could only conclude that the colours shift was a mix of sunlight and the power supply. Im aware that scanning backs are very sensitive to their power source. But scouring the forums i could find little information of these issues.This image from today is a near success. As this project has moved along and become less about some interactive digital output from the camera, i have become more concerned with making images that will print well. This image suffered from no infrared problems but was cut short by the power supply failing again. It needs some balancing work to adjust from a rather large variation between the two exposures. Not really sure what it's of. I'll let people do the reading. Im just trying to do the making.

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