Two experiments of the current direction im working. Their is much to be said about these bits and the ideas they pertain to. I will add these thoughts soon. Additions. The image of the street excites me because in my mind it's a kind of anti-photography photo. For me it's only the outcome of process to generate an image with unlimited depth of field. As such it has imaging errors as a result of process variables. Their are methods that no doubt will become mainstream technology that achieve this via more advance means and also generate images that are visually faultless. Specifically I'm thinking of Stanford's research into LightField cameras. Yet more perfect vernacular photography to come with the continuing democratization of imaging technology. In this sense the image is a bit academic, its primary reason for existence to stimulate some form of debate about images now. The awkward dichotomy being i have no interest in engaging with this discourse beyond what i create.

Not sure about the video. It makes visible the changes between the focus points. I would really want the whole image to be interactive, although I'm not sure how. The possibility to navigate the process. More to be added