Create Master Inspire - Yeah, whatever.

Despite the shows dodgy School of Economic Science name, Create Master Inspire! This coming week the The Art Academy will be celebrating it's tenth anniversary at the Menier Gallery. With range of work from current students and it's alumni. Of course this means new work from George Triggs. The new piece had been intended for this years ThreadNeedle sculpture prize but unfortunately due to production issues the deadline was missed.

Ben Wisely / Studio Seventeen'Influence' - Wisely / Studio Seventeen © 2010

Influence, is a multi-media interactive time based sculpture. The core sculptural element is a large head suspended in space. Onto which two independent projectors are aimed, one at the rear and one at the front. The front projector plays a thirty minute dvd loop. Of a selection of edited and manipulated video we created using a large fish tank and various dyes, inks and paints in water. The second projector is a real-time computer animation of a fluid simulation that takes a nearby camera as it's source data to create outlines of movement. Combined the two projections give the impression of witnessing a brain scan of some form.... fMRI or CAT scan with the pulsing and flicking. The interactivity is limited but offers you the opportunity to inject your own actions. I find the limited and subtle nature of the interactively a breath of fresh air.

Time-lapse of 'influence' being created. The sculpture required over 200kg of clay!

For me this piece is an obvious development of an earlier work, 'Movements of the mind' but taken to a new level. Movements of the Mind used a single and short dvd loop projected on a fantastic glass head. It's was a peaceful piece with the motion of the starlings in the video. Influence has a more obvious logic and feels more aggressive and thoughtful. This is a baby's head, a baby's mind... and it's exciting and dark and explosive. These are stimuli of the word. Then there is our own input. It's untangle able, intentionally or not your actions are injecting into this mind. Unfortunately I don't have any video but I will.... soon.

'Movements of the Mind' - Clarity Show 2009 - Wisely ©