Sculpture Scans

"Tree Man" - bronze & gold - 2008

New works from London based sculpture George Triggs. These pieces are being entered into the new ThreadNeedle arts competition. Hopefully these images are good enough to get him through to the selection stage. The images where shot using four Arri tungsten lamps with the BetterLight scanning back. Not the ideal lighting source with its high infrared output. The images have a few errors and small artifacts caused by power fluctuations. I chose not to edit the images to heavily as i only had my un-calibrated laptop that I dare not trust! Having looked back over the images shot. Im surprised at how hard it is to make an image of a sculpture. The Tree man sculpture as a real piece makes you interact with it and infact makes you alter your eye level. I found using the camera movements allowed me to get below the sculpture much as you do with your body but correct perspective. The glass head and projection should have ideally been shot in a studio with far more control over lighting. I could have polarized the image to remove the room based reflections but these are integral to how the piece exists. That and the fact that polarizing the projector image created peculiar distortions.

"Movements of the mind" - glass & video projection - 2008

EDIT: On the strength of theses images both works where accepted for review. On the strength of the works both where accepted into the ThreadNeedle show. The only entrant to display two works. Two out of the thirteen available for 3d work! The mans doing something right.



In a bid to get myself in a sustainable position I'm going to set myself up as a photographer. The camera is ideally suited to flat art reproduction and high resolution scanning of static objects. In plain English that means super high quality images of paintings, drawings and sculptures. Basically anything that doesn’t move can be imaged. The quality of the images will allow for prints upto A1 without any loss in quality. The images can be delivered in any format (.tiff, .jpg etc…) to any medium (cd, dvd, ftp etc…)
Unfortunately i don't really have a portfolio geared to this form of work. The nearest thing i have is a website/gallery i created for George Triggs. All these images where shot a few years ago and as such don't represent the quality that can be achieved now. If you are interested in getting some shots done for archival or portfolio purposes please drop me an email, here. All work and prices are completely negotiable and I can assure you; I’m extremely good value. To look at my more general image making practices. Please take a glance at my Flickr page.