In a bid to get myself in a sustainable position I'm going to set myself up as a photographer. The camera is ideally suited to flat art reproduction and high resolution scanning of static objects. In plain English that means super high quality images of paintings, drawings and sculptures. Basically anything that doesn’t move can be imaged. The quality of the images will allow for prints upto A1 without any loss in quality. The images can be delivered in any format (.tiff, .jpg etc…) to any medium (cd, dvd, ftp etc…)
Unfortunately i don't really have a portfolio geared to this form of work. The nearest thing i have is a website/gallery i created for George Triggs. All these images where shot a few years ago and as such don't represent the quality that can be achieved now. If you are interested in getting some shots done for archival or portfolio purposes please drop me an email, here. All work and prices are completely negotiable and I can assure you; I’m extremely good value. To look at my more general image making practices. Please take a glance at my Flickr page.

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