End Note.

Now the printings done. It's not really the end as there is so much more to be explored beyond these simple experiments. These outcomes are a disparate shift from some of my early ideas. The real key to getting things done appears to have been to follow one element of an idea. I envisaged that my end show would be a display of screens taking a live streams from the university cctv infrastructure constructed in the fashion of quantum time, using some undecided interface that would allow you to navigate time. What I in fact will (or possibly not) be displaying is two static images of some urban space.
Quantum Time - Static TimeLapse (2006 - TV Test Image)

Scan TV (Temporal distortion implicit in method)

A common theme throughout any idea has been the use of software to generate the image at some stage. From Quantum Time; a small command line app to the use of Photomerge. A major factor to changing the route taken was the realization of the amount of up front learning that would be required to become proficient in Processing and implement even a non-live, static version of Quantum Time that used a pre prepared image/data set. Given the time constraints, software became the product of what i could learn and manipulate enough to achieve a given goal. In all honesty i should have pushed myself to write a least some code as this would have offered me far more insight and allowed me the kind of control and manipulation i crave.
I have some rather strong views on the educational aspect of these endeavors. There is no education. Higher Education is a misnomer, most of the time is spent in a self explorative state. At first this sounds valuable, through self exploration you will learn. This view is harmonious with the vision of artist hero, and no doubt some theories of learning. The problems lies with the framework you explore within. I remember way back when i was looking at uni's. A big debate back then was 'House Style' the idea that the institution was a production line for its own ideology. I found this rather offensive and focussed on places that offered freedom and exploration.... little was i to realize that a strong vision or process is in-fact a massive asset. What creates a quality institution is its commitment to a conceptual vision, imparting that to it's student to explore or resist. This seems far more valuable that floating around in a tired, banal postmodern irony. The true irony being that my institutions lack of vision is what i have resisted. What is required is progressive program that embraces the risk and uncertainty surrounding modern communication, combined with a strong focus on the vocational requirements of working in a world made of data. No tall order compared to burying your head in the sand and becoming another degree vending machine.
Movement over the duration of the scan. It's a bit of a tired technique and easily created in software from a video stream.

Where Next. More to come on that soon.....

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