Tech Pains.....

The O2's are useless, not in the sense that they dont boot ect... but in the way they will only run Irix and are virtually impossible to cajole into running somthing sensible like Linux thus none of the software i need can be run. But never fear....... i found a whole set of SGI Origin 200/2000's ready for the bin at my uni!! These can happily forced into running Linux. I have 4x Origin 200 rackmounts and a single 4 or 8 processor Origin 2000, god knows what my uni paid but for me they are free. When i get a bit of spare time im going to spend a weekend configuring them as my first real working cluster for PFtrack.
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They are in a sorry state but they have all been P.A.T tested in last year, so should be good to go. Also note the two Alpha DEC's that also found, might pop Win2K on these.

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