Clee Hill

Ok, so this is the location of the film. For me the decision was rather arbitrary but i think this offers a good opertunity to just try somthing without having any srong preconceptions of an out come. Clee Hill is sparse and rather desolite feeling reminding me more a Blake 7 shooting location than a part of the Shropshire.
The main features of the area are its sprawl of derelict concrete structure that if squinted at look vaguly like part of Stong Henge or Easter Island but of greatest interest to me are what locals call 'listening stations' although rather dissapointingly they are just elements of air-traffic control and naval nivigation transmitters.

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troutmask said...

so you have been fooled into think that they are just air traffic control places; yet they are occupied by varying numbers of workers 24hrs. These workers are never seen in the local villages and don't talk to the locals.
I don't think it would have fooled Avon for a second.
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