Essay Writting

It's noted among my peers and housemates that while my verbal skills can occasionally show prowess my essay writing skilsl are not even classifiable as skills. With a Friday deadline looming im doing my best to work, any concentration is often pieced by the searing howls of an angle grinder only feet from my top floor window as next door have their roof replaced. Around the three O'clock mark this intermitent (approx. every five minutes) noise found a new addition this time from the neighbors on the otherside who fancyed some light tunes as they renovated their flat (so at some time in the future thay could rape another students account while destorying the local community). Their light tunes where not doing my word count any favours, so i unleashed the beast.
I have never felt compelled to use my Hi-Fi as a weapon but safe in the knowledge my B&W 801 Studio monitors could handle a 1kv line amp my mere 150 watts per channel from a bi-amped Audiolab where going to be signifcanly louder than their tinny, incessant distraction. I donned my ear plug's and picked a current favorite track by New Young Pony Club...... I could hear nothing of their din, only the immense energy of NYPC bass throbbing though me, i knew it was good.
By five past three the Police where knocking on the door! I turned it down with an augument brewing in my mind but then they just drove off. Yet my ears are still assaulted by all the prevous noises.

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