The most visual thing i have made thus far. At other end of the scale from the Static Time-lapses this image is created by moving the camera on planar plane over time, when composited together it makes an image with a high amount of spatial information but very little temporal (although this could be increased by spacing the shots further apart in time).

I am of the feeling these images/experiments externalize a confusion that is pervasive throughout the culture i am familiar with. An awkward polarization, im often of the opinion that i just have to do what i do without much thought. In a Death of the Author kind of way. This suits me as often im following desires and intuition rather than the institutionally more desirable didactic de-constructible linear workbook mode of getting where needs to be got. But reading Imomus last night triggered the introspection of ones own methodologies. All of these thoughts are in relation to the university (educational?) complex i am doing so well to avoid latterly. Having spent the best part of the last decade on one side of this system i can say that i feel written. Not to the point that im just a node of this system but in a the way i have to challenge myself to think otherwise.
Where does this leave me and my artifacts. I make them but don't want to justify them. They make me, what i create defines aspects of my understanding. So it would seem on a personal level they are self explorative and on a public level they orphans, open to interactions and interpretations free from me. And just think all i ever wanted to do was take pictures but i have ended scripting representations of an abstraction

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