One small step for me, One giant leap for my credit card

I can with some degree of certainty say that i have got a BetterLight 4000E in the pipeline. Its the lowest model scanning back from BetterLight and the version im getting shipped in is SCSI based. I cant wait. I had hoped to find something a bit more local, like a Phase One PowerPhase but they are nie on impossible to find. As with all things in hi-end imaging, its all dealers and pros. Its very hard to crack in and have a play. Unless your shooting some skinny model for a catalogue. Despite putting out requests to UK dealers only one had the decency to respond. The BetterLight back tops out at about 18 Mega pixels but the quality of those pixels will be awesome. With the colour data being derived from a single scan line in its own r,g and b colour. No Bayer interpolation is necessary to generate the colour image combined with the Dac working in 16bits. I can look forward to some very clean images. Of course my main need is to have a large effective sensor and the 4000E's scan area is a whopping 72mm x 96mm. Honestly i feel a bit uncomfortable with this back as all the images and all the discussion on forums surrounding then are geared towards either art reproduction or landscape. I really don't see myself in either. As usual i'll just ignore and carry on.

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