Andreas Gefeller - another veteran of Bernd and Hilla Becher teaching at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Who's distinctive pedagogy and conceptual vision of a comparative taxonomy of utilitarian structures has become a standard in art photography. Gefeller's images are overt composites that upon closer inspection reveal that they are pure digital manipulations with obvious joins and blends.
In this sense I find them much like the use of blocky, and poor resolution fonts within in graphic design acting as obvious motifs for 'digital'. This shorthand screams at you to question the age-old question of reality and representation within photography. But it does more than this; it forces observation of built environments. In fact they remind me of Intelligence Photographs, revealing paths and human interactions on an environment from a odd and totally unnatural perspective. Of course their are many visual parallels within contemporary photography, im thinking Hockney's 'Joiners' and Gursky's vast, super detail composites. Im not really sure where to place his work in relation to mine. Im jealous of his education, why am I not under the thumb of someone with a vision. Even if their vision were not mine at least I would have something to work against. Instead Im at the soft end of a triple expansion engine, its hard to place your self in opposition or sympathy actively. Or at least I find it to be. I don't really need to place his work, i just need to keep exploring without solid guidance. The obvious fear being following desire will lead to nothing.

'Desire is always for the past, for the lost infantile completeness. Desire is always about our sense of lack'

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