Where have i been.... Studio Seventeen

Months have passed. No posting, no nothing. I have taken a short three month departure from many aspects of my life. To take my purpose of being in London to it's logical conclusion. I have set up a fully featured photography studio! Studio Seventeen is a shared space with a George Triggs, sculpture. My side of the building has a 1300 sq/ft photography studio with a 16ft infinity curve, massive array of lighting, light modifiers etc...
Infinity curve nearing completion
This coming Thursday we finally open!! Of all the construction the infinity curve has proved the most challenging. Getting the curve to be perfectly smooth has taken an inordinate amount of time, effort and money. But the finished product is perfect!
The studio is aimed at people with ideas but not the budget to rent nearly every other studio in London. Most studio's are charging obscene amounts for nothing more than a pretty white room. Often without lights or even basic equipment, well we have it all!
Studio cat - Betterlight - iso800 / f5.6 / 1/80th
Our rates a super competitive and include the use of everything in studio. Bowens flash system, 15kw of continuous film & video lighting, full kitchen.... The list goes on! For a comprehensive overview and our introductory rates check our website or email us at: info@studio-seventeen.co.uk
Of course when the studio is not booked or being used i will be pushing my other new business, Archival Digital. This will focus on my expertise with large format digital imaging, using the Betterlight scanning back.

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