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Me and the studio have been busy. Had an amazing time shooting some rope bondage with a couple who where visiting the UK for London Festival of Japanese Rope Bondage.

Ben Wisely / Studio SeventeenLigatio Suspension One - Allropestied.com - Studio Seventeen © 132C/RZ67

More images from the shoot can be found at my Flickr. For this shoot I just stood back and let them do there thing. Whilst the lack of direction led to a few missed shots the images we made captured the journey they where on during each scene. Definitely keen to do some more fetish based work. Maybe take the lighting to a an extreme and go a little theatrical.

Ben Wisely / Studio SeventeenFreak Show - Concept - 132C/RZ67 - © 2010

This was a rush job for a friends degree. Very loose concept of a Victorian freak show shipping container. Given a little more time each box could have been far more refined and textured with some tasty referentiality . Although I am very happy with how this has worked out. First time I have used continuous lighting with the digital back. Using two 1.2kW Fresnel's for that authentic theater look.

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tinshedtheatre said...

I love the freakshow concept. We're currently putting a piece together about the Victorian Freak Shows merging with a retelling of Frankenstein's Monster. Really enjoyed looking at your blogspot and your Flickr. Sick. And I mean that in the cool hip way.