K.Yolland.Moyse - Pick 'n' Mix

Research for Phase Two of K.Moyse's, Pick 'n' Mix multimedia, multi-everything performance series. Leveraging video projection, live data manipulation and multiple performances in a super intense and mentally dense piece that takes you on a journey through to the very heart of how you think you understand. I suppose I should say what in particular you understand but it's not that easy. The video elements linked are just a small selection of a three hour video that plays off real world war and invasion footage against Hollywood fantasies of war. Eventually the Hollywood video capitulates to the near point of indistinguishably between the 'real' and the fictional. This is just a single element in a cocktail of element across a wide range of disciplines that all work together to take you on this journey.

These images are just a splash of the 3 hours used to refine some of the roots of the performance pieces. They don't really transmit anything of the zeal and excitement of watching real people interacting and the confusion or anticipation of there actions. I'm so excited to see and hopefully be involved in the delivery of Pick 'n' Mix - Phase Two.

Ben Wisely / Studio SeventeenBen Wisely / Studio SeventeenBen Wisely / Studio SeventeenAll images: Moyse - Pick 'n' Mix - Wisely / Studio Seventeen © 2010

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