Idea's & Development

Still perusing the look.
Here's a few bits from recent shoots. The images with Nadia are part of my ongoing exploration of fuller forms, although this time I loosened up and played a bit.

I don't usually encourage my models to view the images as I'm shooting them. In fact I avoid this, but this time something amazing thing happened... She looked at the monitor and made some incredible judgments about her body. The shapes she disliked, the bits she liked, the stuff she would change. All very critical and precise. Here, I had someone confident enough to share there visual body openly with me but who appeared to be at odds with herself. It was fascinating.

Ben Wisely - NadiaNadia / Jump © 2011

Mother Muse - MutterMutterMuse © 2011

These are the last images from me whilst at Studio Seventeen. I'm closing shop to concentrate on assisting and my own work.

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